Noranda City Football Club


Noranda City Football Club is an amateur football (soccer) club with teams playing in the Football West Perth leagues. The club’s history began in 1977 and with growth and change over the years, Noranda City Football Club emerged. We are based out of the Morley Noranda Recreation Club which has been our home ground since 1996.

Our soccer club is community based and proudly managed by passionate volunteers and coaches. It is strengthened by our supportive families, community members and long standing relationship with Morley Noranda Recreation Club. We cater to all age groups starting from our Miniroo to U12’s teams, our 13’s to 16’s Junior Division and right through to our Senior’s Division including 18’s, Men’s, Women’s, First and Reserves, and Masters. All sponsorship and registration funds are redirected back into the club for the benefit and development of our players. 

Our mission is to provide a fun and safe soccer experience for any child, youth or adult who desires to participate. We will ensure our members can play soccer in an inclusive, affordable and family friendly environment, and can develop their skills to the best of their ability. We promote and encourage sportsmanship and good conduct in all players, coaches and supporters.

Executive Committee

Shaun Ennis is the President of Noranda City football club . Shaun has been a part of the club for the last 12 years, 5 years as vice president and 7 of them he was on the committee. Shaun has grown up at this club originally playing for Morley City FC and played a major part in the merge between Noranda Wolves & Morley City.

Tony – Vice President Juniors

Mike – Vice President Seniors

Grant – Registrar

Marissa – Secretary

Ian – Treasurer